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Time to join the Digital natives?

Is there a conspiracy and master plan to keep IT a secret? Do IT professionals deliberately describe things in such a manner and over complicate things to the point that only they know what they’re talking about? To complicate things even further, the new generation of ‘Agile’ professionals have created their own language. Why rename something as a ‘Product Backlog Item’? Why suddenly do we have daily `scrums`, run by a `scrum master`, when a stand-up meeting is a sufficient description? And why is it now the mysterious Cloud, when a remote datacentre describes it accurately enough? Should Service Management Professionals start a new vocabulary, with the aim to make the smoke and mirrors unintelligible for mere mortals?

  1. Service Master Plan
  2. Service Game Plan
  3. Service Metamorphosis
  4. Service Obligations
  5. Continual Service Amelioration

There is so much jargon and so many buzz words around that it is very difficult, even for IT leaders, to understand what it means in the real world and how these `best practices` can be used.

We are here to demystify 21st century jargon, so that everyone will realise it isn’t that hard and can provide benefits if approached in the right way. If you need some pragmatic advice and plain talking, please call iCore as we’d be happy to help.

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