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Software Asset Management (SAM) Maturity Assessment

Software Asset Management: its not just about the tooling.

For many IT leaders looking to invest and improve their Software Asset Management (SAM) capability, invariably the case will be made to procure SAM tooling as part of the transformation journey.

However, is a new set of tooling the right decision for your organisation?

What other aspects of SAM should be considered when creating your business case for investing in SAM improvements?

What criteria should be looked at when assessing your SAM capabilities and the overall maturity of your SAM function?

The SAM improvement and transformation journey

In order to fully assess an organisations SAM capabilities, a holistic approach will be required that looks at not just the tooling and operational aspects, but also other key functions and processes such as procurement, contract and financial management that should be part of the overall SAM capability.
Organisations with highly mature SAM capabilities, will understand that integration and collaboration across these different functional teams can be a key driver for SAM transformation and improvement.

Our Solution: iCore's SAM Maturity Assessment

At iCore, we fully understand and appreciate the challenges faced by organisations when managing software assets.

Our SAM Maturity toolkit assesses all key aspects of SAM tooling, processes, ways of working, techniques and supporting functions.

The assessment includes several key competency areas covering all aspects of Software Tracking, Discovery, Licence Compliance and Reconciliation.


The 5 levels of SAM maturity

We are here to help guide you on your transformation journey.

Learn more about our Software Asset Management assessment and how it can help you to transform your Service Management practices by contacting us today.