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Service Integration and Management (SIaM)

Service Integration and Management (SIaM)

In today’s world, most IT organisations rely on a complex mixture of internal and external parties to deliver IT services. IT management needs to fully understand, measure, manage and control all aspects of services to enable effective delivery. Service Integration and Management (SIaM) is a framework that supports IT with integration, performance management, reporting, and collaboration across all parties.

How does IT align a complex supplier ecosystem around a common goal and minimise risk?

What are your challenges?

  • Lack of end-to-end alignment within processes and services: Service Level Agreements, contracts, relationships
  • Lack of clarity around roles and responsibilities leading to duplication of effort and service gaps
  • Pressure on the retained organisation because of supplier underperformance
  • IT services are not aligned to business requirements
  • Your supplier relationships are vendor led rather than business driven
  • Supplier contracts are not keeping pace with current business needs

How can iCore help you?

iCore has designed and implemented effective operating models/ SIaM frameworks for a large number of global organisations. We can draw on this experience to help design the right model for your company. All iCore consultants have a minimum of ten years’ operational experience which is invaluable when designing and delivering effective in-sourced and outsourced solutions.

iCore is independent and therefore fully aligned to your agenda, needs and business outcomes. We put in place appropriate service governance standards to set the direction, define the benefits, manage risk and control progress across the ecosystem. We verify and put in place the right processes and tools to ensure effective cross supplier visibility and alignment.



  • An improved understanding of current and future business needs
  • An accurate assessment of the existing IT organisation
  • An understanding of the options available for the service delivery model to support decision making and strategy
  • Expert support during the challenging early days of your transformation



  • Improved service delivery performance through: better communication, improved quality, reduced cost and time
  • Better understanding and management of risk
  • Improved supplier management



  • An integrated ecosystem where all parties are bound to be aligned around a common goal and are effectively managed in line with business needs
  • Improved return on investment, optimised cost of services and better value for money for your business
  • Greater understanding and management of operational risk
  • Certainty and transparency for contracts, Service Level Agreements, deliverables, responsibilities and costs
  • Effective business and service reporting ensuring a single source of the truth
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