Effective IT Service Management In The Cloud

Effective IT Service Management
in the Cloud

Effective IT Service Management In The Cloud

Many organisations have deployed or are in the process of deploying solutions to the Cloud. If managed correctly the Cloud can offer significant business benefits including; speed to market, flexibility, scalability and better value. Cloud service providers offer services such as Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). However, the scope and detail of these services differs between Cloud providers with many optional features that can be added or are included. Cloud solutions are often just a part of a business service or require interfaces to other services. In order to effectively manage your Cloud provision and provider you need to ensure IT organisational and Service Management are aligned, that roles and responsibilities are clearly understood, tools and technical interfaces are automated where possible, costs are pro-actively managed and your provider is effectively managed. iCore can help you get control of your Cloud based end-to-end services.

Do you have full control of your Cloud based services?

What are your challenges?

Large organisations often have a complex mix of IT services delivered by in-house teams, by third party vendors or by Cloud service providers. The introduction of new frameworks and ways of working such as Agile and DevOps can add further complications. This can all lead to the following challenges:

  • You feel you are not in control of the end-to-end service, yet the business expects you to deliver a seamless service
  • The Cloud part of the service is invisible and you are unable to see what your Cloud provider is delivering
  • Both you and the Business require access to the Cloud provider which complicates the supplier relationship
  • The roles and responsibilities of the Cloud provider are not clearly defined or understood
  • The Cloud service provider does not supply the information you need to ensure performance meets the needs of the business
  • Integration across Cloud and legacy platform based solutions is complex and slows down change and project delivery – not meeting business expectations
  • You are not sure how the Cloud fits into to your Service Designs or support models
  • Major Incident and Problem management are not working efficiently and effectively for Cloud based services
  • Risks including security risks are not understood and managed
  • You are unsure how to integrate your service management and monitoring tools with those of your Cloud provider
  • Due to the ease of creating extra computing resource and capacity on-demand, costs are greater than budgeted and not under control

How can iCore help you?

iCore consultants will help you build a service wrap around your multiple vendors to ensure your users experience a seamless service, regardless of how they are being sourced. We will assist with mapping the components of your service to your business service lines to better understand the dependencies.

iCore accelerators can be applied to adjust service reporting, service based monitoring and governance to ensure everyone focuses on the things that matter. We help you build the necessary business engagement and leverage Cloud capabilities for the benefit of everyone.

With experience of guiding many organisations on this road to maturity, you can avoid common pitfalls while building the capability around end-to-end Service Design and Service Transition, as opposed to just the technology delivery.

We identify process, toolset or organisational areas that are no longer relevant or too rigid to fulfil the promises of the Cloud. What worked well in the past may no longer be the best way and we have worked with many organisations to make that cultural change a reality.

To find out more about how iCore can help improve the performance of your business call 0207 868 2405