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At iCore we have a passion and commitment to improve our customers’ IT service delivery and we aim to provide high quality and pragmatic service management consultancy. This often means we are helping tackle difficult challenges and turning around major service issues as quickly as possible, whilst leaving a robust capability once we have gone.

Assignments are varied and can range from strategic interim roles (e.g. Service Delivery Director and Global Manager), strategic advisory consultancy (Service Architect and Sourcing Solutions), process improvement consultancy (Process Framework and Operating Model), operational interim roles (Global Problem Manager and Operational Risk Manager), project service transition (Transition Project/Service into Production and Transition Service from Supplier A to Supplier B) and toolset evaluation and adoption (Tools Evaluator and Tools Training).

If you feel you have the necessary passion, skills, experience, and epidermis to join our team of service experts then we would really love to hear from you.