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`Culture eats strategy for breakfast` – Peter Drucker.

As the new world starts to hit companies and organisations across the globe, the word transformation is appearing everywhere. Agile transformation, digital transformation, tooling transformation, operating model transformation………there seems to be a need to transform everything! The word transformation by its very nature implies big changes with some people feeling like this is being forced upon them. Surprisingly, transformation leaders wonder why people find this daunting, are reluctant to change, and are put on the back foot instead of feeling energised by it and motivated.

IT Service Delivery – we want to be faster, leaner, customer-centric and deliver more value. Great words, nice vision, but are your people motivated to change and support this vision? Can you explain what’s in it for them as individuals? Is it realistic to force immediate change on people and shoehorn them into this, when they’ve been used to a very different working environment, job role and culture? More fundamentally – do you have the right people with the right mindset in your organisation who are adaptable to change?

If you ask yourself the right questions up front and plan to make sustainable, incremental change that will create a culture of openness, teamwork and collaboration, you have a stronger change of creating the organisation you want. Having a vision is great, but don’t overlook reality and people’s motivation to change.

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