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Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures (MAD) : Gap Assessment and Resolution

The key to a successful transition journey is identifying and then removing gaps.

Identifying the value of the end state, transforming to it quickly to support the business and keeping costs low are key deliverables while ensuring high levels of service quality and product reliability remain. 

To fulfil the requirements of the new organisation(s) you will need expert analysis, assessment and change implementation to support the achievement of the end goals – delivering the expected value, success and transition at the necessary speed.

IT Leaders are  increasingly confronted with significant  challenges to meet business change events which affect the organisations overall business model. 

One of these types of events is a “Merger, Acquisition or Divestiture” (MAD). 

These often move at speed and IT Leaders may not have full transparency of both organisations or the business expectations of the future enterprise(s). 

There are competing factors to manage including potentially obtaining new architecture solutions, developing new services, building new processes, adopting another culture, creating new teams and managing heightened anxiety at multiple employee levels.

Successful transition to the future state(s) requires an “end to end” review, gap assessment and thoughtful planning with increased attention to change and people management.

Mergers and acquisitions are terms used to describe the consolidation of assets or companies.

With an acquisition, one company acquires another company by purchasing its assets. This means that the acquired company ceases to exist as a business or corporate body. The acquiring company, however, can use the acquired business’s name.

With a merger, two companies merge their assets to create a completely new entity or company. 

A divestiture commonly results from a management decision to cease operating a business unit as it no longer supports the company’s core competency and business plans, and looks to dispose of the assets for that business unit through a sale or exchange.

iCore’s SME consultants can conduct a review of the current state across the business, data, applications and technical architecture plus values, visions and identify any gaps between this and the required future state.


iCore can then recommend grouping of actions into manageable and understandable packages.

  • Gap assessment
    • Review the current state of your organisations business, data, applications and technical architecture plus values, visions and identify any gaps between this and the required future state.
  • Grouping and prioritise
    • Organise, categorise, and consolidate the identified gaps into smaller groups and actionable packages aligned with priorities.
  • Presentation and gap resolution
    • Review of findings, recommendations and decisions on gap resolution plus timings

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