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Target Operating Model Design, Build & Embed

IT Operating Model – Design, Build & Embed

A step change or significant transformation of an existing operating model?

Traditional IT Operating Models tend to be static and are not always well equipped to deal with evolving business needs. A target operating model need to be designed to support and enable multiple different groups whilst also having to adapt to changing conditions such as rapid advances in new technology, changes in customer preferences and needs, changes in the organisation’s IT strategy, or the need to find cost reductions.

This is a significant set of challenges faced by many CIOs and IT Leaders as they plan to review and potentially, significantly change their IT Operating Model.

Planning for IT Operating Model Transformation

So, based on these challenges, what should a modern IT Operating Model look like? 

What are the key components of an IT Operating Model that will have to be planned, designed, built, and embedded within your organisation?

How will you know if the new Operating Model has had the desired effect and impact?

How will you measure success?

These are just a subset of questions which will have to be considered as part of the plan for your transformation journey.

Our Solution: iCore’s Target Operating Model Design, Build and Embed

At iCore, we fully understand and appreciate the challenges faced by CIOs and IT Leaders teams as they prepare to implement or transform their IT Operating Model. 

Our Target Operating Model Design, Build and Embed solution will take you on this journey by ensuring that all key components of the Operating Model are carefully considered, designed, built, and implemented as part of your transformation roadmap.

Ready to take the next step in your IT Operating Model transformation journey? 

Learn more about our Target Operating Model Design, Build and Embed solution and how it can help you plan, design, build and embed a new optimised and modern IT Operating Model.

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