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Operating Model Transformation Readiness Assessment

Transforming an organization’s IT operating model can be a complex and arduous process. Some of the common difficulties faced include resistance to change from employees, the presence of legacy systems and processes, skill gaps in the workforce, a lack of clear strategy and vision, cost and resource constraints.

Key to the success of an IT operating model transformation is to assess the scale of these challenges at the outset, and then to plan how they can be overcome to ensure the success of the transformation. 

Preparing for Operating Model Transformation

How prepared is your organisation for Operating Model Transformation? Before embarking on any such journey, an assessment should be made of your organisations readiness that considers all of the key readiness factors which are specific to your organisation and may impact the success of your transformation programme.

By conducting an assessment, the chances of transformation success will be greatly improved when your teams plan the next phase of the transformation journey.

Our Solution: iCore’s Operating Model Transformation Readiness Assessment

At iCore, we fully understand and appreciate the challenges faced by CIOs and IT Leaders teams as they prepare to transform their IT Operating Model.

Our Operating Model Transformation Readiness Assessment will take you on this journey by ensuring that all key readiness factors are identified and assessed, which then will form part of your overarching transformation roadmap.

Take the Next Step Towards Transforming Your Operating Model

We are here to guide you through this journey. Learn more about our Operating Model Transformation Readiness Assessment and how it can help you identify the key readiness factors to be assessed and planned for, as part of your Operating Model Transformation Programme.