Digital Services

Digital Services

Digital Services

Many organisations are now embracing the digital era, moving their traditional services with limited presentation and communication channels and restricted connectivity to digital services with media rich content and multi-device connectivity. The introduction of Digital Services often results in a new operating model, new ways of working (including DevOps), new delivery frameworks (such as Agile), changed old run frameworks (such as ITIL) and maybe a new Cloud service provider. In addition to all of this IT departments have to adopt bimodal ways of working, supporting traditional services whilst supporting new digital services with shared resources. iCore have proven experience to help you with your digital journey.

Are you ready for the new Digital World?

What are your challenges?

  • There is no clear digital strategy that compliments existing strategies
  • There is no clear end-to-end operating model (including organisational design) for the development, implementation and running of digital services
  • The adoption of a new delivery methodology (such as Agile) is very immature within the company
  • Existing transition, design and run working practices haven’t been re-engineered to work in harmony with the new delivery methodology and new ways of working
  • Keeping digital services secure whilst not restricting functionality and connectivity
  • There is a significant increase in workload due to the introduction of digital services, new underpinning development, transition and run policies, processes & procedures
  • Having to deliver new digital services whilst maintaining existing standards of service for all the other services

How can iCore help you?

iCore consultants can help you understand the key issues for your organisation and work with you to design the right organisation and structure for the successful development, implementation and running of Digital Services.

We can create, amend and implement an operating model and organisational design for your Digital Services that align with underpinning methodologies such as Agile, PRINCE2, IT4IT, Lean IT and Microsoft Modern Service Management and organisational structures such as DevOps and SIaM.

iCore have a set of accelerators based on our experience of delivering digital services that will speed-up your implementation, improvement and transformation.

We can alter your existing processes and procedures to work in this new environment we often find that previously well-defined and implemented processes struggle to work efficiently in the new Digital environment. Our accelerators can help you update and improve your company’s delivery, transition and run performance to meet demanding client requirements, whilst ensuring other services do not suffer.

We have experience of guiding organisations through a journey of change, avoiding common pitfalls, whilst building the capability around the development, transition and support of digital services that can give you the support and leadership needed to transform your organisation for the digital era.


  • A clear strategy that provides direction for both new Digital Services and existing services
  • An effective end-to-end Digital operating model that can evolve as you transition from current ways of working to new ways of working
  • Clear organisational structure with responsibilities, accountabilities, consulted and informed all agreed
  • Improved and efficient Service Design & Transition that works in harmony with your delivery methodology and organisational structure
  • ITIL processes & procedures (including Change Management & Security Management) re-engineered to work effectively and efficiently in the new Digital environment
  • Resources used more efficiently and effectively across new Digital Services and existing services
  • Improved governance, management and understanding of Digital Services resulting in reduced issues, improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs

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