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Our IT Service Management tool works ‘Out of the Box’

“Our IT Service Management tool works ‘Out of the Box’” – that’s a confident and clear statement from the tool vendor isn’t it.

Buyer: Can we use your IT Service Management tool for Incident/Problem/Change Management, can it integrate with my monitoring tools, will it work `out of the box`, and deliver what we need?

Vendor: Oh yes! What’s more, it can be setup quickly and working within the day if you like!

The implementation day arrives and anticipation is growing………. unfortunately, by the end of the day, the IT Service Management tool isn’t working and the buyer realizes that they have bought something that isn’t what they expected (were promised!). But what did they expect?

The Buyer follows ITIL, and most ITIL processes follow the same path, and so the buyer expects a tool they can use straight way – eg: a default incident process following ITIL with default statuses, with most parts of the software already configured, or ‘switched on’ so-to-speak.

All IT Service Management tools are configurable, which means that the buyer will not need programmers to go in and modify the code, but the buyer will need people who can configure and administer the software and the foundation data required to get up and running.  Typically many parts of the process elements will be ‘switched off’ and the tool won’t do anything until the settings and foundation data get set up.

So the Buyer opens the box expecting great things fast only to discover that it’s empty, and they probably now need to call in expensive contract resources to get what they wanted.

To ensure that you and your ITSM tool partner are speaking the same language and you aren’t left with an empty box, do get in touch with iCore. iCore are here to make sure that everything relating to IT Service Management and IT Service Delivery, including IT Service Management tool sets, works in your favour.

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