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In the world of IT Service Delivery, how many of us sit there and scratch our heads when numbers and pretty charts are produced that are supposed to evidence how we are performing. How often do you think “oh, that’s really useful and informative”? Not often I bet. Our culture of trying to get everything we do to be SMART; specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based, has led to some very strange practice and behaviours.

Since the advent of computers and our focus on processes, we have become wedded to the idea of “measuring to improve”, and that by simply capturing and turning some data into a number we can graph, we will gain valuable insight. This is a myth. 

Here are 5 simple tips to get back to measuring what matters. Ask yourself the right questions up front and your Performance Indicators or Success Factors will work for you:

1.    What outcomes matter most to my customer/consumer?

2.    What outcomes matter to my funding source and managers?

3.    Can I define these outcomes in a meaningful way? Emotion words like happiness, wellbeing and communicating need to be understood in context

a.    Agree a definition to work to

b.    Agree how we can break this down in some way

c.  Check back with stakeholders regularly

4.    Am I taking data from an accurate and timely source?

a.    Which has not already been transformed and/or added to

b.    The right people to give feedback not a representative

c.     Primary sources would be; base accounting data, usage or system stats from call-devices or operators  

5.    Am I focusing on outcome and not output?

To ensure that you are measuring what matters, do get in touch with iCore. iCore are here to make sure that everything relating to IT Service Management and IT Service Delivery, including IT Service Management measurement and reporting, works in your favour.

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