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The Service Desk is your shop window

The Service Desk is the shop window of your IT department and is where first impressions are made. If, like many other IT leaders, one of your goals is to improve customer satisfaction, it is a common misconception that huge investments in backend technologies or purchasing the latest applications will wow your users. That’s all well and good and you may think it’s a good idea, but all your users actually need is a tool that helps them do their job and the support to use it. 

Think of your Service Desk as a support blanket, where your customer will generally interact with IT, and as a vehicle for achieving lasting customer satisfaction. What’s this got to do with a shop? Simple… It doesn’t matter how good a shop’s products are, your first impression of the shop will always be the shop window, and this will guide you on whether you shop there or walk on past.  

Is the Service Desk your ambassador for excellence, or just another function that is being left behind and not performing the role that it should? 

If you need help and real-life good practice input into what is needed to create a Service Desk that your business values, do get in touch with iCore. We are here to make sure that everything relating to IT Service Management and IT Service Delivery, including your IT Service Desk, works in your favour.  

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