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Common Mistakes When Implementing Digital Services

Common mistakes when implementing digital services


Change is part of everyday life for IT, to ensure we continue to adapt and grow; we need to look at how we accommodate new technologies. With organisations utilising the media-rich functionality that the latest digital services offers, let’s look at the issues a Digital implementation can cause.

So what are the key areas you need to focus on?

Service Levels

Make sure you have measured service levels prior to transitioning, not only to baseline the service but also to work with the customer to understand what they need and want. End-to-end Service Levels can be difficult to capture and report. You may need to consider the type of metrics you have in place, are these still pertinent and applicable to the new digital service, do they really measure the success of the service?


As part of the move to digital, you may be looking to improve availability. However, if you extend the service offering to 24×7 you then need to ensure you have the end-user support in place. Your customers will expect to be able to access help when they need it! This may mean reviewing and updating your support model and how it is delivered. But be careful you don’t become bogged down with standardising and processes pre-implementation.


Ensure you understand the cost of delivering the current service prior to reviewing the new digital service. Is your business able to accurately forecast usage and demand? This may impact the cost for the new digital service. Will a shift of costs from CAPEX to OPEX affect your organisations financial model?


Transition is crucial to the success of the new service; ensure you give it sufficient focus. You will need to support the transition activities; you may need additional resource for the length of the project. Remember you need to maintain the standard of service for existing services whilst implementing and improving new Digital Services.


Review your organisational structure; you may need to change roles and responsibilities to avoid duplication and to ensure supplier management activities are clearly defined and allocated. Remember Supplier Managers need time to build the relationship with the supplier.

Business Users

Business departments often need to have their own expertise to manage content, data and communication. They will need training and awareness of new and changing technologies to be able to innovate and exploit the technology changes.

If you are planning a move to the Digital world, we can help you. Our knowledge and experience can assist you to fast track your digital service transition. We can offer leadership, advice and consultancy to manage your end-to-end transition.

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