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Operating Model

Operating Model Transformation – Readiness Assessment

Transforming an organisation’s IT operating model can be a complex and difficult process. Key to the success of an IT operating model transformation is to assess the scale of these challenges at the outset, and then to plan how they can be overcome to ensure the success of the transformation. This paper provides an insight into the transformation drivers and readiness factors, along with a suggested approach for conducting an assessment of how ready an organisation is for transformation of their operating model.

Software Asset Management Transformation – Planning & Considerations

For many organisations, the management of software assets can be a real challenge and potentially very costly. This paper from iCore provides insight into some of these key challenges and the strategies that an organisation may undertake to overcome these, while also looking to transform or improve the overall software asset management (SAM) capability within the organisation
Agile Development

Agile SIAM Models

With an ever-changing business landscape, and most companies now embracing at least some key elements of agile working, this is having an impact on not only the day-to-day relationships with their key IT service providers, but their overall strategy for Service Management going forward.