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Service Management

Service Management

Investing in and developing mature Service Management processes and capabilities, whether in legacy or cloud based environments provides a number of benefits, not least: aligning the activities and goals of the technology organisation or service provider across all key areas; and the creation of a structured, adaptable, and repeatable approach to technology management and Service Delivery that delivers value.

Why is Service Management important?

Without a mature Service Management capability, you run the risk of different challenges emerging, such as –

  • Your technology teams and service providers being reactive, task focused, and prioritising both incidents and low value tasks over pro-active activities that add business value
  • A dis-jointed focus of `getting new products and services over the line’, rather than focusing on what your business and customers need
  • The cost of delivering service becomes both unpredictable and uncontrollable, with customer perception suffering as a result
  • Technology teams and service providers not being responsive and adaptable to business change

How can iCore help?

We can:

  • Deliver capability-maturity reviews that give you a clear picture of the capabilities you have versus the ones you need to be successful, supported by a detailed roadmap for change
  • Lead service modernisation and improvement projects, and implement the key Service Management processes (and other supporting capabilities) your organisation needs to be successful, whilst minimising the impact on your teams and day to day operations
  • Undertake key leadership and transformation roles to instil Service Management good practice into your organisation, and bring new processes and ways of working to life
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