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You can’t just implement ITSM processes in isolation

How often do you look at an IT service management department and think that someone has just devoured the ITIL textbooks before setting up the organisation? Every function has its own team, with everyone working in their own silo, focused on their day to day tasks to the exclusion of all else. As a result, overlaps between teams appear that often lead to doubling up, with multiple people trying to do the same job, or things falling into gaps as each team thinks the other is going to take care of it. 

An over-arching IT Operating Model, that is clearly defined and supported by an IT service strategy will get rid of this problem. It will explain to all concerned how the teams are supposed to work together, and how people from other IT departments and the wider business are expected to engage. As a result, you’ll get much more value from your investment in IT service management.

Putting a service strategy and IT Target Operating Model in place is essential but is by no means an easy or straight forward thing to do. At iCore, we ensure that you have an Operating Model, supported by the right roles, processes and everything else that you need to make sure IT service management is supporting the achievement of business goals NOT preventing them from being achieved.

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