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Working seamlessly, but within a hierarchy?

Modern businesses all strive for the same thing – to be seamless, leading edge organisations that benefit from new technologies and ways of working. To achieve this means to successfully break down barriers preventing people from communicating and information from flowing freely, hierarchies being replaced with matrix structures, and a collaborative, communal culture being created. 

Achieving this can be hard work for CIOs and IT leaders. Often, the challenge isn’t only in the wider business, and the reluctance of senior management to move away from hierarchies, structure, complicated reports, and divisions of labour; it can also be from within the technology department and teams. Technology teams are often segregated and incentivised on KPIs that conflict with those of the other technology teams, with the end customer often unaware of what’s going on. Asking people who have been used to working in a certain way to change is challenging, as they are used to performing ‘their role` and can find this difficult to move away from. The question becomes how do we lead and manage the unwilling, or those who are struggling to adapt to the way that the business is now heading, and the new dynamics of their role?

If you are a CIO and would like impartial insights and ideas, gained from real-world experience, that will help you overcome this challenge, then please get in touch.

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