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What Does Consistent IT Service Mean To Your Business?

Delivering Consistent IT Services


Consistent IT service is a well-used phrase, but what does it actually mean to your business? Let’s talk about what your customers may expect. It goes without saying that customers expect consistent performance, which in my mind covers everything from availability of a service, to the processing times and ability to manage demand (especially the peaks). If the service isn’t reliable and available the customer will not be happy! But what are some of the other areas you need to consider?

Ease of Use and Support

The service must be convenient and easy to use; this includes accessibility of services and how quickly requests and incidents can be dealt with. Availability of support, hopefully through various mediums (that suit the user base) and complimentary services, such as training and documentation are vital for customers. But don’t forget the basics, Service Desks need to be courteous and responsive, they need to show flexibility and empathy. Your customer needs to feel you want to help them.

Understand and Listen

Customer’s expectations have never been higher.  IT Service Management must not only supply good quality IT Services, we need to really understand our customer and what they want. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to focus on the projects and the processes, rather than getting to know your business and the challenges and opportunities they face. Don’t forget the most important thing when working with customers is to listen and listen well (that’s means active listening, so they can see you are really taking the information on board).  Make sure you really hear what customers are saying before responding. Remember you are part of the bigger business team and by truly listening and asking questions we can really participate in the achievement of the business goals.

Change, Grow and Learn

No business is static and the ability to respond to changing business needs is crucial. Flexibility and adaptability are prerequisites for most business, it may seem odd to include change when we are talking about consistency of service, but customer’s views and needs will and do change as their business evolves and grows. You need to be on the same journey.

Build Relationships

Invest time and energy in developing relationships. Different parts of the business may require different approaches, some may be more results oriented and some may be interested in discussing the softer issues. Your role is to work out how best to communicate with your customers, this is not simply making the right choice between sending an e-mail, calling them on the phone or a face-to-face meeting. Remember good relationships are built on trust and understanding. Be honest and truthful.

But let’s not forget that customers just want the IT stuff to get the done. Like switching on a light at home they expect their IT service to be there when they need it!

If you need to better understand and help your business achieve their goals, we can help you. iCore’s team of experienced consultants can assist you in transforming your IT Organisation to be more dynamic, consistent and customer focussed. To talk to an adviser call 0207 868 1600 or click here to email us.