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Talking to your customers is more important than ever

It used to be the case that IT was a dark art. The `IT Department` operated separately to other departments and only the IT guys understood technology. They provided the tools to help the business operate, but how they worked was a mystery, and if anything went wrong, we had to go back to them to get it fixed. 

Nowadays, IT is fairly ‘rock’ solid, and everyone is somewhat of a Tech Wizard, using laptops, tablets and mobile phones and computers. It’s all consumable and suitable for the ‘average Joe’ to use.

But how have IT departments in organisations reacted to this?  Some have continued to take the approach that `they know better` than the people using the technology, with the result often being technology that isn’t appropriate for or beneficial to the business. The more progressive departments ensure that they work closely with their customers to deliver what is needed and provide real value.  If things don’t work, then they just get fixed. These teams are increasingly embedded within the wider business, empowering the business to innovate and grow.   

Working and talking with your customers is very important, as they know more about what they need from technology than you do.

For 23 years, we have helped IT departments in organisations of all shapes and sizes to align what they do, and deliver, with business and customer needs. The foundation of IT Service Management/IT Service Delivery best practice, is delivering consistent, quality services that add value, iCore can help you get to this point and remove any obstacles along the way.

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