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Designing SIaM models for service excellence

As a key partner for the world's leading manufacturer of power systems and aircraft engines, we played a pivotal role in a groundbreaking technology modernization program Our commitment to excellence included defining governance policies based on ITIL v3 framework, covering 23 processes, and providing operational management and testing strategies for the entire SIaM Ecosystem to ensure it was fit for purpose.


In order to support record revenues, a growing business and a ten-year multi billion-pound orderbook, the world’s most renowned manufacturer of power systems and aircraft engines embarked on a major technology modernisation programme to bring their entire IT estate up-to-date and move from a single-supplier model to a SIaM multi-supplier IT ecosystem.

The modernisation programme consisted of a series of large and challenging projects such as re-tendering for all of the IT service bundles, e.g. Networks, Datacentre, End-User Computing as well as the global Service Desk. More significantly however, was the requirement to introduce a  Lead Supplier as the Service Integrator to ensure all supplier services worked together seamlessly in delivering against their contractual requirements. 


Our brief was to define the service model upon which the SIaM (Service Integration and Management) Ecosystem would operate including a design of the underpinning Service Management model. We became involved in the programme at a point where the new supplier re-tendering exercise was well advanced and the initial Service Management requirements had already been defined. This approach proved to be initially challenging as certain assumptions had been made in terms of the target operating model that ultimately needed to be realigned. 

Once the initial and key contracts had been awarded, the focus of iCore’s engagement shifted and we started to work closely with the integration of the selected  suppliers  to define the detailed processes underpinning the ecosystem. This included working with the client’s business sectors and functions to ensure that the required process interfaces were in place.  

Our approach

iCore designed the project organisation required to deliver the service management elements of the transformation programme. In order to ensure this was successful, the project organisation incorporated a blend of internal as well as external resources. Following this, the project team defined the ‘to-be’ run organisation which had to be aligned to the new-world of multiple vendors, including a new Service Integrator role. Working closely with the IT and HR teams whilst dealing with the sensitivities associated with potential changes to the existing organisation/roles helped to alleviate any potential concerns caused by the necessary changes to internal roles. This involved education within the project and beyond to prepare for the impending changes at a cultural as well as organisational level.

The project team were also responsible for defining the overall Governance and  Policies based on an ITIL v3 framework, covering a total of 23 processes. These processes were defined in accordance to work in conjunction with the new suppliers, the ‘to-be’ Service Management organisation and the client’s business sectors/functions.


iCore produced the deliverables quickly to expedite the key initial stages of the project. We also provided additional operational management for IT changes (which are related to the Modernisation programme) and provided a Test Manager who defined and managed the testing strategy to ensure that assurance across the end-to-end SIaM Ecosystem model was able to meet its operational and functional requirements.  

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