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Service Management, Smart Automation & AI

AI and Smart Automation is not about having the greatest capabilities at your fingertips, it's about how IT Service Management and User Experience is enhanced.

Before We Start…. What Is Smart Automation And AI?  

Smart Automation and AI (Artificial/Automation Intelligence) combined with Machine Learning enable organisations to carry out tasks more efficiently and effectively, by applying toolsets and techniques that humans either cannot do well or do not want to do!

If you are wondering whether you are using AI or not, the answer is that you most certainly are –

       On your Smart Phone/TV  

       On your preferred Internet Streaming Service

       On your preferred Online Shopping and Auction Sites

And……. when you are at work, possibly on your IT Service Desk?


A surprising statistic is that despite the increased adoption of feature rich Service Management solutions, and according to the Service Desk Institute, a recent survey of members showed that only 12% have implemented Smart Automation and AI capabilities, and that 6% are working on implementing Smart Automation and  AI functionality. Very small numbers when given the potential benefits AI and Smart Automation can bring.

Benefits that Smart Automation and AI can bring to any Service Desk, are a potential 40% increase in efficiency and productivity, through the following :

       Streamlining 24/7 Support

       Answers and Solutions provided automatically

       Automatic routing of Incidents

       End-to-end integration of key ITSM Functions and Processes

       Obtaining, Collating, Routing and Communicating Customer Feedback


Plus, Much More…


Lack of adoption, as we touched upon earlier, could be because of several factors…

       Lack of Toolset/Application sophistication 

       Absence of an effective Knowledge Base

       Lack of awareness and the appropriate skills 

       Concerns around replacing a human’s work by a machine, and potential job losses

The next 12 months will be an interesting time, as it is expected that due to the ever-evolving solutions available from well known vendors, in conjunction with exciting innovations from new market entrants, an upturn in adoption is anticipated.

So, our question to you, is how are you going to use Smart Automation and AI capabilities to improve IT Service Management (ITSM) and user experience?

ITSM and the User Experience

As wonderful as it is, AI and Smart Automation is not simply about having the latest and greatest capabilities at your fingertips, it is about how it can support IT Service Management evolution and enhanced User Experience.

When looking at the key benefits that Smart Automation and AI are intended to deliver, the intended benefits fully align with the benefits that improved IT Service Management capabilities should deliver:


Smart Automation\AI


All Boxes Ticked!! 

Streamlining Processes

Streamlining Processes


Lowering Costs

Lowering Costs

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction



To continue to enhance User Experience and achieve IT Service Management goals, the use of technology needs to continually improve, and not just be “Smart” but continue to get “Smarter”.  


Person clicking the hexagon with AI phrase.
Selecting the most appropriate ITSM Toolsets, and developing the appropriate capabilities is vitally important in achieving this, and iCore can ensure that you embrace Smart Automation and AI to drive IT Service Management improvement and evolution.