Service Catalogue

Service Catalogue

What is it?

The Service Catalogue is a curated document that details all the technology related services that can be performed by, for or within an organisation. Service Catalogues allow employees of an organisation to route requests for and about services, and service related topics, to the subject matter experts who own, are accountable for, and operate them. The Service Catalogue is the only part of the Service Portfolio that is published to customers and is used to support the delivery of IT services. The Service Catalogue is generic and can be applied across all platforms, environments or geographical locations of any organization.

Why is it important?

An IT Service Catalogue describes services in clear, concise business terminology, helping employees and customers to better understand the services available to them and how they are executed.

Ensures that the IT services offered are aligned with business strategies and contribute to strategic goals

Service Catalogues help ensure IT resources are better allocated, enabling services to be provisions rapidly and effectively.

Provide greater insight into the cost of services and the value that they offer, providing informed decision-making related to low-value services

Help eliminate inefficiencies, redundancies, errors and waste by outlining how services will be performed and in what time frame.

How can iCore help?

iCore are able to provide a tailored approach utilising our ‘best of breed’ tools, to enable your organisation to gain maximum value from your Service Catalogue.

The experience and knowledge of our iCore consultants, combined with industry best practices, can help in the definition and effective operation of your IT Service Catalogue

iCore can design and implement your Service Catalogue, including the definition of the appropriate operational processes.

To find out more about how iCore can help you on your Agile journey speak to an adviser on 0207 868 2405

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