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`Rightsizing` your IT organisation

With business goals and expectations changing at the drop of a hat, it’s extremely difficult for CIOs to know how many people they need, when they need more or fewer people, and in what roles.

Some businesses are reducing costs, with the CIO having to do `more with the same` and utilise their existing people to the max. But how long can this be sustained? No matter how good the people are, it’s only a matter of time before they become burnt out and disillusioned. Not forgetting the bigger picture, and that the quality and turnaround of services to the business will suffer as a result.

Some businesses are going through periods of high demand, and the challenge for the CIO is ensuring that there are enough people on board with the right skills. People are constantly added to the IT organisation, which is good from a bandwidth perspective, but not from other angles. Having too many people can cause confusion in terms of `who is doing what`, with tasks being repeated or completely missed out. The net effect is a lot of highly skilled people who can’t do the role they have been employed to do, because of overcrowding.

Having helped several organisations address this challenge, iCore can help you put in place the foundations of a flexible IT Operating Model, that will enable your IT department to meet changing business goals and drivers effectively and efficiently.

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