Merger and Restructuring: Management of Change

Merger and Restructuring: Management of Change

Merger and Restructuring: Management of Change

Business restructuring often presents complex challenges to the IT organisation. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) usually assume that the new organisation can use its resources more efficiently. The IT organisation needs to deliver complex transition plans in a short space of time and with limited information whilst minimising risk and realising business value. iCore will bring M&A experience and a structured approach to minimise the risk and speed up the process during due diligence, assessment, transition, build and execution phases.

Can you deliver on the business case behind the restructuring, or do you belong to the majority that keeps running parallel operations?

What are your challenges?

When the business decision is made for corporate restructuring, things move quickly. However, after the initial due diligence and high priority actions, the IT organisation is left with:

  • Many inherited systems supporting a fragmented set of business processes
  • Paying multiple licences and support costs for systems that serve the same purpose
  • A growing web of cross-systems integration that slows down implementation of any new development
  • Multiple service desks and support in different locations with an inconsistent set of processes and user experience
  • Lack of clarity on how the various systems serve the business purpose – “multiple sources of truth”
  • Legacy systems lingering but afraid to switch them off – no one seems to know what would happen
  • A set of legacy supplier contracts that are not optimised for cross-organisation delivery


With a broad set of issues facing the IT organisation, the overarching challenge is to quickly create a transition plan which is flexible enough to respond to inevitable changes and meet tight deadlines.

How can iCore help you?

iCore offers an assessment of IT Management practices and systems across the organisations affected to identify key misalignments and duplication, suggesting streamlining opportunities and developing a target operating model.

Some businesses perform mergers, acquisitions and divestment regularly. For these companies, iCore will establish an M&A IT competency centre that executes the key change factors in one integrated unit, significantly enhancing IT reaction time for this business activity.

We will help you make sense of your multiple legacy systems, and once the contribution and cost of these systems are understood, you can rationalise them to meet your business requirements.

We will also help you improve efficiency of the inherited licence and IT asset estate and simplify and consolidate your IT Service Management tooling for the new organisation. We can advise your IT Executive team on the development of the target operating model.


  • Deliver the efficiency savings in IT operations that the business expects
  • Clear, structured management information about your IT estate
  • A single source of truth to ensure that all parties understand what needs to be done by whom, when and why during the transition process
  • Faster speed of execution for repeated business restructuring activities
  • A more agile IT organisation as the burden of maintaining low value legacy commitments is reduced

To find out more about how iCore can help improve the performance of your business call 0207 868 2405