Managed Service Consulting Support

Managed Service Consulting Support

Managed Service Consulting Support

A managed service can potentially help you achieve service excellence, address resourcing issues and reduce cost – if done well. A business seeking to improve performance and consistently meet customer expectations will benefit from using a managed services approach for certain services. iCore can work with you in assessing your requirements or a proposed solution. We can assist with understanding, designing, transitioning and delivering all or part of your service portfolio within an effective managed service model.

Is your managed service strategy helping you to achieve service excellence?

What are your challenges?

  • Limited in-house skills/capability/capacity to do the job
  • Uncertainty regarding what is needed to outsource a service
  • The existing sourcing solution provides an insufficient/inadequate service
  • New service(s) demands a different set of requirements to those in place already and impacts your sourcing model
  • Limited standardisation across the services
  • Immediate and/or short-term need for specific expertise and capability
  • Customer satisfaction is low


How can iCore help you?

iCore has experience of working with companies that have or are considering complex, challenging sourcing strategies to manage their services.

We have successfully delivered assignments that have involved:

  • Supplier Request For Proposal (RFP) and selection process
  • Outsourcing and outsourced tools
  • Insourcing services
  • Supplier review and consolidation projects
  • Supplier integration and management projects


  • Improved integration – Suppliers working as part of your operating model and aligned to your service levels. Delivering services the way you need them to be delivered
  • Robust engagement – Suppliers who will understand your business and your service strategy
  • On track to achieving service excellence – well managed services will create great customer experience and customer retention
  • Reduced management overhead – suppliers working effectively within an assured governance model
  • Scalability – the service sourcing strategy that will support your future business needs, in line with your strategic roadmap

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