ISO 20000 readiness assessment

ISO 20000 readiness assessment

What is it?

ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) 20000 is a global standard for a Service Management System (SMS), consisting of five distinct parts. The standard sets out the requirements for items and are closely aligned to those of ITIL. These standards allow companies globally to follow a common and consistent platform to conform to. While ITIL provides guidance on what should be done in order to offer users adequate IT Services to support their business processes, and provides qualifications for individuals, there was no way of certifying organisations use of the recommendations. ISO 20000 was conceived to fill this gap. It provides the confidence, when choosing a supplier, that one who is ISO20000 compliant, will take a consistent approach to providing service requirements.

Why is it important?

  • In today’s technological landscape, organisations often have technology services provided by multiple suppliers.
  • Managing suppliers in a multi-vendor environment can become extremely awkward, with each potentially having their own standards, metrics and processes for the way they work.
  • With the advent of ISO20000 it enables customers to manage all of their suppliers to the same standard and ensure consistency in terms of service provision and ensuring the customers’ requirements are being met.

How can iCore help?

  • Our experienced consultants can perform a readiness review to assist in analysing your current processes and help you align your services with the specified standards.
  • We produce a Gap report which highlights specified action items that you need to focus on in preparedness for certification.
  • We assist in the creation of a communications plan and arrange workshops to raise awareness of what is required and what the benefits are to your business in gaining this certification.

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