IT Strategy Planning and CIO Advisory

IT Strategy Planning
and CIO Advisory

IT Strategy Planning and CIO Advisory Services

The role of the CIO today is to be both a business partner and IT leader. The demands of being an effective CIO for your business can be daunting and challenging for new and experienced CIOs alike. The current business environment and digital revolution requires a fresh approach with broader skills, new insights and adaptable leadership styles.

As independent advisors to the largest UK organisations, iCore has advised and guided IT leaders to make the right decisions when transforming their organisations to improve service delivery.

How does an effective CIO make a true impact to the business and take their people with them?

What are your challenges?

  • How can I develop a Digital Strategy to help our business navigate today’s challenges, prepare for the future and help enhance the customer experience?
  • How do I engage with business stakeholders to build credibility and become a valued business partner?
  • How do I create an appropriate framework that enables agility whilst providing some governance to ensure we effectively manage risk?
  • What should my organisation look like during this transformation and how do I build it?
  • How do I develop a high performing yet efficient and flexible team?
  • How can I identify and exploit emerging technologies to help my business gain competitive advantage?
  • How do I measure and communicate performance and value to the business?
  • What skills and competencies does my team need to become a business service?

How can iCore help you?

iCore Management Consultants bring hands-on experience in running, designing and restructuring IT organisations and they have been Directors and ‘Heads of’ themselves. Our consultants will work alongside you to provide advice and guide you through the journey to building a high performing, efficient and effective organisation.

Recently we have worked with the likes of RBS, Rolls Royce, Mars, Brakes, Jaguar Land Rover, Welsh Water and the Bank of England to plan and steer them through major changes.

This experience, working across multiple sectors allows us to assess your challenges by clarifying the vision and strategy.  Once we have this, then we can help identify the people, process and technological changes that might be needed to fulfil this vision.  This includes challenging the ‘status quo’ and working with you and your senior managers to develop the approach for your organisation.

iCore will partner and mentor you and your team to build the competencies, leadership and management of change skills to help you deliver transformational change to build a professional and credible service partner to the business


We enable you to have:

  • A clear vision and strategy for your journey, communicated in an understandable way, to support the business to meet its strategic goals
  • A new organisation that is leaner and more focused than its predecessor, ensuring complex solutions are delivered in an agile manner, effectively enabling the business
  • An aligned business and IT vision and strategy
  • An organisation that has the competencies, credibility and confidence to partner with the business
  • An adaptable operating model and delivery framework to speed up decision making and minimise cross business unit IT and business risks
  • An embedded process to identify, select and implement emerging technologies that support the business strategy

To find out more about how iCore can help improve the performance of your business call 0207 868 2405