Business Service Management

Business Service Management

Business Service Management

Business Service Management (BSM) is a framework used to promote a customer-centric and business-focused approach to Service Management, aligning customer needs, business objectives and priorities with IT services and service delivery.

The BSM approach spans the whole Service lifecycle from business strategy and design through to operations, continual improvement and retirement. It uses industry best practice principles to create end-to-end harmony across customer expectations, Business Services and the underpinning IT operation. These elements, in conjunction with an emphasis on customer focus, enable service providers to optimise every interaction with internal and external customers. Whether you are looking to improve your customer satisfaction scores or are searching for service delivery excellence, effective Customer Experience drives differentiation and increases customer spending, trust and loyalty.

How do I align my services to meet my business objectives and exceed customer expectations?

What are your challenges?

  • Maturity – Your service delivery channels have not evolved and are not providing the right enabling technology
  • Business Alignment – Your customer outcomes are not predictable or clear and they are not fully understood by the operations and / or service delivery teams. Do your service lines have defined owners, escalation paths and defined support levels?
  • Customer Experience – Managing consistent customer experience across multiple channels. Ensuring the correct mechanisms and metrics are in place to truly understand the ‘Voice of the Customer’ and ensure you measure what matters
  • Planning – You are never involved early enough in the business discussions before having to provision a service
  • Easy To Use – Your services cater to the basic needs, however they are considered not easy to use or good enough to endorse
  • Key Performance Indicators – Your performance indicators are “green” yet your user base doesn’t agree
  • Costs – Your costs of service delivery are not clear or fully defined and you do not have a mechanism to compare service delivery across multiple channels

How can iCore help you?

iCore’s experienced consultants can assist you to develop service delivery strategies that help your service evolve in line with the changing customer requirements and expectations. We will help you optimise your service delivery by focusing on business outcomes and customer experience. We build best practice into your service ensuring processes, teams and technologies effectively support that customer journey.

Through mentoring, facilitation and leadership we ensure that:

  • Technology innovation adds value to the Business and IT leads the conception and controls the development
  • Business outcomes are fully understood and IT objectives are prioritised around them
  • Processes, technology and organisational structure are optimised to deliver ‘usability’ in addition to functionality to the customer
  • Costs of service delivery are fully understood and resources are aligned to business priorities
  • IT is “easy to do business with”


We bring the Business and IT together via common frameworks and models to ensure a fully integrated approach to new services and strategic development.


We can help you add value by:

  • Making you easy to ‘do business with’ by aligning IT with business objectives to ensure that evolving consumer expectations are met through seamless service delivery to external / internal customers
  • ‘Wow’ the customer by delivering excellent customer service and injecting an innovation culture into the service design
  • Understanding the impacts, risks and opportunities of change to service delivery


Reduce costs of operations by:

  • Enabling visibility of internal / external service delivery components, attributing costs for measurement and rationalisation
  • Streamlining applications, optimising processes and automating service delivery
  • Creating a central control mechanism which drives down request fulfilment times / costs and minimises risk


Increase speed to market by:

  • Greater reach – Identify a channel mix that is most relevant to customer segments over time
  • Creating a common approach to transformation programmes between business and IT departments through common models, frameworks and methodologies
  • Creating a standard process for new or changed service introduction
  • Practising agile delivery methods
  • Developing a DevOps regime to ensure that support and development work as one


Ensure that the right information is available to enable:

  • Internal / external customers to make informed decisions
  • Service delivery staff to fully support the customer interaction
  • Senior leaders to make informed strategic decisions

To find out more about how iCore can help improve the performance of your business call 0207 868 2405