Software Asset and Configuration Management

Software Asset
and Configuration Management(SACM)

Software Asset and Configuration Management

An important element of managing your IT Services is to understand the components that make up those services. Do you have a complete inventory of assets and understand who is responsible for their control? Do you understand the current and historical configuration of your assets? Would you like to have full lifecycle management of IT and service assets from acquisition to disposal?

Many organisations do not have control of their assets which carries reputational risk, potential for penalties, increased costs and downtime. These risks can be mitigated and costs reduced by having the right policy, processes, metrics and tools. iCore can ensure you follow the right approach to managing your assets, ensuring you are correctly licenced and understand your components.

How do I manage our assets effectively and efficiently whilst ensuring compliance?

What are your challenges?

With ever greater reliance on software and applications in everyday use, there is a need to ensure software and configuration items are optimally utilised in order to:

  • Reduce risk of potential liability of using unauthorised, unlicensed products
  • Ensure the correct versions of software are used to reduce security risks
  • Save money by reusing existing licences
  • Mitigate against software audits
  • Simplify complex licensing agreements, enabling a potentially discounted price for future licence purchases
  • Provide a configuration model of the services, assets and infrastructure by recording the relationships between assets and configuration items
  • Better understand the risks and impacts involved in Change Management
  • Make the Release and Deployment of new / changed infrastructure and software products faster and more reliable
  • Make IT Service Continuity requirements accurately reflect the current production environment(s) therefore mitigating against unforeseen risk


How can iCore help you?

iCore’s experienced consultants can help you assess your current situation and evaluate the organisational requirements and tooling strategy. They will create a baseline inventory addressing skills, processes, and metrics as well as identifying current gaps in the management of assets, licences and Configuration Items.

iCore will assess licence tool offerings against organisational requirements, provide options and recommendations and manage service improvement workshops. We will also define key deliverables and define a policy / roadmap for implementing improvements for the management of software assets and licences.

iCore will implement the governance required to ensure you have the control required to effectively manage your assets and configuration.


Let us help you to achieve the right outcomes for your organisation:

  • Optimal utilisation of assets
  • Fewer errors and reduced risk exposure caused by people working with out-of-date information
  • Define a process to establish current software use and licence position
  • An agreed process to make informed decisions when purchasing new licences and reusing / harvesting current entitlements
  • Meaningful metrics such as licence compliance position and demand trending to reduce unnecessary expenditure such as renewals for low use products
  • Mechanism enabling you to challenge auditor’s software compliance reports where you have evidence of entitlement not captured by the auditor
  • Establish policies, processes and procedures integrated with other service management initiatives

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