Service Performance, Capacity and Availability Management

Service Performance, Capacity and Availability Management

Service Performance, Capacity and Availability Management

IT organisations are facing increasing demands from the business to provide reliable and dependable levels of service while supporting the dynamic nature of business today. With businesses competing for customers through marketing and sales campaigns using web and social platforms – responsive, well managed and cost-effective IT services are essential.

How do you ensure that the IT services you deliver are meeting the needs of your organisation today and are focused on the needs of tomorrow?

What are your challenges?

  • Do you have a clear understanding of the current demands for your IT Services and how these are enabled through your current technology investments?
  • Are you able to understand the increasing demand for IT Services against changing business requirements and create sound investment plans to be able to meet your organisation’s future needs?
  • Are you able to manage your customer’s expectations of performance in terms of business throughout rather than in technical terms?

How can iCore help you?

iCore will put into place the necessary practices to capture, analyse and manage demand for your IT Services.

We can assess your existing capacity and availability management practices against your business drivers and best practices in order to give you a clear target capability and improvement roadmap.

We have an extensive set of accelerators that can be applied to help you build the capability within your teams and improve the delivery of services you receive from your suppliers.


  • Clearer understanding of how service performance is able to influence customer expectation and experience
  • Higher success through project and change activities by ensuring solutions that balance availability, capacity, and cost management are provided
  • By providing transparency of service utilisation and associated costs, business managers can understand what they are paying for and how they can control these costs from within their own business units
  • Continued provision of consistent and acceptable service levels, with known and controlled costs, in line with the requirements of the business

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