Service Integration & Management (SIAM)

Service Integration & Management (SIAM)

Service Integration & Management (SIAM)

Building on Vendor Management good practice, Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is a model adopted by organisations all over the world, that enables the effective management of multiple providers, and harmonisation of processes, people, roles and technologies across IT eco-systems.

Why is SIAM important?

A SIAM model simplifies the management of multiple vendors and allows issues to be dealt with centrally and resolved in a controlled manner. For your organisation and suppliers, it identifies single points of contact and enables you to manage risk and compliance across your technology estate and service offering(s).

Furthermore, using a SIAM model provides improved access to the latest technology, and the ability to implement new services quicker and more flexibly, realising benefits that would not have been seen otherwise.

How can iCore help you?

We can -

- Help you create a transformation strategy, from RFP stage to selection and on-boarding, that feeds into your SIAM model

- Design, plan and implement the most appropriate SIAM model for your organisation, aligned to the supplier landscape and services being sourced. This includes the creation of an organisation construct, roles, end to end processes, and tooling requirements

- Establish the Governance mechanisms and reporting you need to ensure the right outcomes from your key suppliers are achieved

- Undertake key leadership and transformation roles to fully embed the new SIAM model into your organisation

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