Service Improvement And Operational Effectiveness

Service Improvement
and Operational Effectiveness

Service Improvement And Operational Effectiveness

Improving operational effectiveness is a constant effort in all organisations. Whether there are identified problems that need correcting, or the bar being set higher every year by increased business targets, there is no IT organisation that can stand still. With opportunities for improvement around every corner, iCore can provide you with the framework to identify where to focus for the highest value return, structure the process of improvement and validate results.

How can you deliver service improvement and operational effectiveness year on year?

What are your challenges?

Whilst every manager is aware of the pressure to build ever more effective organisations, it tends to manifest in different forms:

  • With business goals becoming more challenging, it is unclear which aspects of IT need the most focus
  • Existing performance targets are not being met or are not set correctly for the business today
  • Lack of reference points to understand which areas are under-performing against industry best practice
  • An ad hoc approach to improvements which only focus on fixing the problems of those who shout loudest
  • There is a lack of planning and accountability in following through with improvement initiatives
  • Disconnected initiatives across the organisation that cause cross-wires and do not provide tangible business benefits


How can iCore help you?

iCore accelerators can quickly get you to run a structured Continuous Service Improvement Programme that enables value based decisions. We will assess your current IT practices across the organisation, to understand current state and track progress over time measured on an independent but good practice scale.

iCore consultants can review how your IT targets and departmental objectives map to the organisations’ balanced scorecard, and link them so that IT improvements clearly support the organisational goals.

We can work out a practical improvement plan that addresses identified performance issues that can be delivered in an agile fashion. We will help you define requirements and select the right toolset or service partner when it is time to change key delivery elements of your IT operation.


  • Identification of the areas of operation that are putting your service objectives at risk
  • Clarity of direction through defined performance objectives cascading across the IT organisation
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Consistent, repeatable and integrated framework to drive efficiencies where they matter
  • Ability to measure current capability and progress against industry standards
  • Obtain, if desired, IT Service Management related quality standards such as ISO20000 certification

To find out more about how iCore can help improve the performance of your business call 0203 821 1252