Service Governance and Risk Management

Service Governance and Risk Management

Service Governance and Risk Management

The IT service environment is rapidly changing with the proliferation of outsourcing and cloud based services resulting in changing governance requirements and risk management. A key feature of an effectively managed IT service which aligns to business requirements is a clear governance structure and framework. An appropriate governance framework ensures that the IT Department and the Business are effectively managing operational risk and applying control to the IT service environment.

Is your IT governance appropriate for your current and future environment? Are you effectively managing operational risk?

What are your challenges?

  • Which IT services and processes support our key objectives as a business and where should we focus attention
  • Lack of understanding and impact assessment of the risk presented to the business in areas of the IT operation and services
  • How should governance change with the introduction of new frameworks and new environments
  • What should we measure and report in terms of the provision of the right IT services
  • Business desire to use new technologies (and perhaps a growing Shadow IT capability) whilst maintaining a controlled and secure environment
  • Audit (e.g. ISO27001), regulatory or compliance concerns

How can iCore help you?

iCore has a proven track record in the implementation of governance frameworks across a number of industry sectors and our consultants are able to assess the requirements of the environment and design and implement the most effective model for your organisation. We combine the use of industry recognised guidance such as Control Objectives for Information and related Technologies (COBIT), Management of Risk (MoR) and ISO27001 with real world experience to establish an effective Service Governance framework for our clients. This has enabled us to develop a series of controls that can be applied to any organisation.

iCore can implement or improve your operating model, policies and procedures to provide the governance and control required for your current and future operating environment. This includes security policies and supplier management of digital service providers. We can also put in place Operational Risk Management (including mitigation planning) for the entire service lifecycle (inception to decommission) aligned to business impact. We can also ensure that you have appropriate governance and security reporting/dashboard that meets executive, regulatory and auditors demands.

We can assess the maturity of your Service Operation against industry best practice and provide an evidenced Improvement Plan. We can also assess your readiness for Audit (against ISO20000 or ISO27001) and provide a structure and plan to achieve certification.


  • An efficient operating model that provides the governance required in the current and future environments
  • Effective control over third party suppliers
  • End-to-end policies and procedures that clearly defines how governance will implemented, controlled and maintained
  • An IT services operation that applies the appropriate risk management techniques and control mechanisms in alignment with the business
  • A road map to improve overall governance and control in the IT organisation focused on your business objectives
  • Maturity assessment that lays the foundation to meet industry recognised standards and certification for IT service management, e.g. ISO20000
  • A governance regime that meets executive, regulatory and audit requirements

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