Delivering Mobile Services

Mobile Services

Delivering Mobile Services

Most organisations now have a mobile service offering. However, in order to get to the market quickly and meet end customer demands they deployed a tactical solution. In addition end-user computing is now evolving quickly with changing technology, increased functionality and improved customer experience moving mobile services from a nice-to-have to a mission-critical service. iCore can help you truly understand your mobile service, iCore can transition your mobile service into a robust mission critical service, iCore can transform your mobile service into a high performing, cost efficient service. Are your mobile services fit for the challenges ahead?

What are your challenges?

Different companies are facing different challenges and also their priorities differ. Below are some of the common challenges:

  • In order to get to the market quickly and meet end-customer requirements or business unit demands the optimum technical and support solution wasn’t deployed
  • There is a lack of understanding of the end-to-end solution due to missing knowledge and documentation
  • Not deploying the optimum technical solution has resulted in multiple points of failure and poor end-user satisfaction
  • End-to-end supportability is difficult due to multiple interfaces with other systems that are supported differently
  • Your current mobile service offering has failed to keep pace with the latest offerings
  • Changes to your mobile solution are not transitioned in a quick and efficient manner
  • The support of mobile services needs to change to reflect the increasing business importance of the service

How can iCore help you?

iCore consultants can help you implement, improve or transform your mobile service into a robust mission-critical service that is controlled and managed. We will implement best practice IT Governance and Service Transition that is aligned to your services, regulatory requirements, operating model and delivery methodologies. We can create or amend your operating model to work for mobile, digital, cloud and traditional services with multiple underpinning methodologies such as Agile, PRINCE2, IT4IT, Lean IT and Microsoft Modern Service Management in a traditional tower organisation, a SIaM organisation, a DevOps organisation or a combination of these. iCore have a set of accelerators based on our experience of delivering mobile services that will speed-up your implementation, improvement and transformation. We have experience of guiding many organisations through a journey of change, avoiding common pitfalls whilst building the capability around the technology to deliver first class mobile services.


  • Optimisation of your mobile service ensuring the service is delivered in a fast and efficient manner
  • Mobile services are understood and documented enabling the full impact of changes to be managed appropriately and improved responses to incidents and questions
  • Change is delivered more quickly with reduced risk and fewer service interruptions
  • The mobile service is treated as a mission-critical service with an effective support model and the appropriate priority to incidents and issues
  • The business will receive the correct service levels, greater return on investment and a more agile business-aligned IT organisation that is better placed to respond to changing business conditions and new innovations
  • IT goals will be business aligned and reporting will be meaningful
  • Realisation of the true value of Mobile services providing customers with the experience they really want

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