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Operating Model Transformation

Operating Model

Operating Model Transformation

A flexible and adaptable IT Operating Model is the bridge between IT strategy and daily IT operations, guiding teams, providing context, and enabling behaviours that underpin a single strategy and vision. In today’s complex business world, IT Operating Models need to constantly evolve along with the wider business model and strategy to ensure that technology products and services continue adding value.

Why is this important?

Embedding an Operating Model that enables flexibility will ensure that you remain competitive, can change at an increased pace, whilst reducing un-needed costs on an on-going basis. In turn, it helps to foster a shared vision, goals, and core values across the business.

A flexible Operating Model will also drive an alignment of your IT Organisation and digital teams, with the adoption of agile working and values.

How can iCore help you?

We can –

  • Define and deliver a new target Operating Model (TOM) that will suit your organisation and its goals
  • Create a roadmap for change, that will help you embed the new Operating Model at a faster pace, enabling you to successfully embed new ways of working across technology teams and the wider business
  • Undertake key leadership and transformation roles to embed the new Operating model into your organisation so that the required benefits are realised
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