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Multi-modal working anyone?

Many organisations are thinking about `All things Agile`, and how it can benefit their business. The question that C-suite members are asking themselves is, “How do I move from my existing Waterfall project management method to Agile?” In other words, moving from a method that encompasses control and governance, to something that is far less structured, faster, and relies on constant communication and integration over process and governance.

So, to see how effective Agile is before fully committing to it, they begin to incorporate it into some areas of the business, but not others. `Multi-modal` working is born, with some areas of the business continuing to use Waterfall, and sequential milestones, and others now moving at pace by incorporating Agile. This mix of methods and speeds is causing several organisations headaches from an IT Service Management perspective, and subsequently mixed levels of customer experience, as current processes and policies haven’t been adapted to mirror and support Agile working.   

Thankfully, iCore has helped several organisations to introduce effective IT Service Management policies and approaches to make multi-modal working effective. The quicker your organisation can establish ways of working, the quicker the financial, operational efficiency, and customer experience benefits you’re looking for can be achieved. 

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