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The shift from processes to value streams, is driving better business outcomes.

With their focus on delivering even more value to the customer, CIOs and IT Leaders are increasingly looking at how they can modernise their current Service Management capabilities by moving from bureaucratic, siloed processes with long lead times, to highly optimised, integrated and automated practices based on value streams.  Aligning these modernisations with other ways of working such as Lean, Agile and DevOps while leveraging emerging technologies to drive better business outcomes.

Transforming Service Management capabilities within an organisation

How do you go about identifying opportunities and practical steps that can be taken to transition from traditional to modern service management? In order to fully assess an organisations Service Management capabilities, a holistic approach will be required that looks at all processes and practices , focusing on all aspects of people, processes, technology and partners.

Our Solution: iCore's Modern Service Management Assessment

At iCore, we fully understand and appreciate the challenges faced by CIOs and IT Leaders teams as they look to transform their Service Management capabilities. Our Modern Service Management Assessment toolkit will take you on this journey by identifying the realistic improvement opportunities which can be delivered as measurable actions and included in an overall transformational roadmap.

We are here to help guide you on your transformation journey.

Learn more about our Modern Service Management assessment and how it can help you to transform your Service Management practices by contacting us today.