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Modern technology needs strong leadership

We work with several IT leaders, helping them to address challenges in delivering a successful technology strategy and ensuring services are valued. Some of the challenges we’ve helped to address for our clients recently, include: Agile transformation gone awry; poor customer perception of IT and customers looking elsewhere for answers; the need to review IT spend due to investment in the wrong areas; and the desire to outsource technology services because of a lack of customer and business confidence.

Each challenge sounds unique but ultimately stems from the same thing – the technology teams aren’t on the same page as the business and customers they serve. The word ‘service’ is used in IT people’s job titles, but a good and valued service isn’t being delivered. With technology now being fundamental to everything a business does, the teams providing technology services are struggling to meet expectations, coming under greater scrutiny, and a major change in emphasis and direction is needed to turn this around.

Arguably the most important role of the modern CIO/IT Leader, is helping everybody in their business, technology department included, to unlearn the way things have been done previously and getting everybody on the same page. This may mean change, from the top down and bottom up, but it must be done before success can be achieved.

Having helped several organisations align technology and business goals, and overcome the challenges involved in getting there, we can help you and your organisation do the same.

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