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It’s not in the contract, or is it?

Outsourcer: `what you’re asking for isn’t in the contract`

Customer: ‘are you sure, I think it is? `

Outsourcer: `I’m sure`……………….

In the world of managing IT outsourced agreements, this is usually where the conversation ends. The customer queries something and the outsourcer comes back with the stock response that what they’re asking for isn’t in the contract.

Organisations pay a lot of money to their suppliers for services, so why are so many easily halted by this stock response? Maybe it’s because they don’t want a heated situation to develop, or maybe it’s because they think that if the supplier says it, it must be true. Let’s look at this a bit further.

The measuring stick for any contract from the supplier’s side is complexity and profit. Let’s make the job as simple as we can and as profitable as possible. Often the supplier knows that the customer is entitled to something but tries to get away with it, or they don’t know the answer but say it anyway.

When your supplier says this to you, ask for proof that it isn’t in the contract. It’s within your rights to do so, and there’s a fair chance that you are, in fact, entitled to what you’re asking for.

iCore helps organisations in all sectors to drive business value through their IT eco-system. Having outsourced agreements in place that deliver the benefits and outcomes you need is crucial, and we can help to make sure that this is the case.

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