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Re-defining IT’s business value

CIOs are feeling the pressure of the ‘digital era’ and the expectations it brings. In this new era, IT is squarely at the heart of business growth, and poor IT performance equals poor business performance. There’s no two ways about it.

So, what should CIOs be focusing on to make sure IT performance is at the right level and delivering value?  Acquire the latest and greatest technologies?  Outsource key parts of IT to external partners?  Embed modern best practices such as agile in the hope that performance will improve?  No! There’s a far simpler place to start – communicate value. 

Although IT departments accumulate data and metrics, CIOs / IT Leaders still struggle to communicate these metrics in a way that’s relevant to those who `consume` their services. This means that `IT and the business` are on a different wavelength, and that the two worlds co-exist but don’t work together as one.

CIOs, if you and your management team communicate effectively with your customers, talk about IT services in a way that resonates with them, and they understand the value that you’re trying to provide, you’ve moved the first major obstacle to achieving success, out of the way. Everything else can then follow.

If you need help with this, or any other challenge that is causing gaps between IT and its customers, then please get in touch. We aren’t a book-based consultancy that simply knows best practice theory and how to produce charts and diagrams, we have very experienced people who know how to transform IT Services.

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