How might it affect you?

The major difference between ITIL® 4 and the previous versions of ITIL® is that ITIL® 4 introduces the Service Value System (SVS) focused on how you would manage value with less focus on the processes themselves. ITIL® 4 additionally addresses the integration with IT Service Management with other frameworks and standards (Agile, Lean, DevOps) by taking a holistic view to enabling business objectives. The result aims to reduce siloes, increase the speed of change and support the creation of value to support the business outcomes.

How iCore can help?

At iCore we see ITIL® 4 as nothing new – it is the way IT Service Management should be conducted, and it’s the way iCore conduct all of our IT Service Management engagements. Fortunately, our customers see iCore as ahead of the game, as we have already spent decades working with our customers to ensure they have the right mix of frameworks, capability and knowledge to reduce constraints and deliver value to the business with every engagement.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding ITIL®4, or how iCore can help approach your challenges by working in a co-creation focused, integrated way. We would be delighted to discuss approaches on how to improve and re-align you current working practices towards the new ITIL®4 approach.

To find out more about how iCore can help you on your Agile journey speak to an adviser on 0207 868 2405

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