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How a Consultant can benefit your Organisation

How a Consultant can benefit your Organisation


In an ideal world, businesses would prefer not to have to hire expensive Consultancies to augment their internal teams. However, on occasion, bringing in outside help is definitely the right thing to do.

Creating and implementing new services and processes or entire teams and organisations is a potentially challenging but fairly common requirement and many organisations struggle to achieve this because they have neither the skill set, content or bandwidth to do this well – especially as they are also responsible for delivering day to day services.

We have highlighted some of the benefits that using an iCore Consultant can bring to your organisation below:

  • Access to skills and knowledge – All of our Consultants come with at least 15 years IT, IT Service Management and Consulting experience. They will have worked in multiple sectors and are experienced working with a wide range of different technology platforms, operating models, tools and strategies.
  • Business focus – Our Consultants recognise that IT exists to service the business and ensure that they start with the business outcome in mind when planning and delivering engagements.
  • Access to iCore Accelerators – Our portfolio of proven templates, tools, knowledge items and models etc. are provided free of charge when needed, as part of each iCore engagement. Using the Accelerators means we can avoid having to start from a blank page when designing solutions, thereby saving time and money.
  • Business to Business relationship – Unlike a permanent member of staff or even a single contractor – you are not dealing with an individual. Working with iCore means that you have a professional client-supplier relationship and an engagement that is properly planned, account managed, reported and concluded in line with an agreed scope and costs.
  • Outside-In approach – Using subject matter experts with an Outside-In approach can deliver a new, fresh perspective on difficult challenges and projects that have stalled, or are moving slowly. This approach along with the focus that a dedicated resource can bring, will add new impetus to projects, thereby helping to bring about solutions and benefits realisation more quickly.
  • Flexibility – iCore can provide a ‘turn on – turn off’ service where we provide help for a short period of time to help ’kick-start’ a project or to address specific service issues and then drop off to let the internal team run things. There is no long term commitment or cost – instead we can offer a short, focussed, fix cost package designed to address specific, hard-to-fix issues, which in many situations, haven’t been fixed by the internal team because their focus is on routine service delivery.
  • Value for money – using a consultancy like iCore may seem like and expensive option, but in many instances, engaging iCore has helped clients achieve significant financial gain, through;
  • Introducing improved performance and efficiencies within projects and service delivery – reducing resource requirements and unplanned cost
  • Getting/keeping projects on track through effective transition management for new services – avoiding the costs and impacts associated with late or poor project delivery
  • Proactive supplier, cost and contracts management – helping to identify and achieve cost reductions
  • A ’right first time’ approach – making sure that services and processes are implemented well and deliver value at the first attempt
  • Using expensive and highly skilled resources only when needed and operating with lower cost delivery staff for the rest of the time