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Have you overlooked your Service Management processes whilst implementing DevOps?

An image presenting how Cloud Computing works.

Many organisations are pushing full steam ahead to modernise their business and ways of working. Digital technologies, embracing Agile working and DevOps models to enable greater speed and adaptability to business goals is becoming the norm and is showing no signs of slowing down. But, with speed and quality of service now being so important, why is the ownership of the under-pinning Services so frequently overlooked? Despite these new and modern ways of working being introduced, why are the expected customer benefits not always being seen? 

Service Management and good practice is arguably more important than ever. Service Design, Transition, Service Integration and Management, and Operations are essential in ensuring the realisation of business value but are often an after-thought post-delivery. This leaves the Service Owner with the unenviable challenge of having to pick up the pieces, as product development forges ahead. 

Services need to be effectively designed to enable the timely delivery of products to the market, and Service architecture needs to be very carefully considered. If you don’t think about the service and your customer, you can deliver all the products and technologies in the world, but your customer won’t be any happier.  

iCore provides consultancy and a pragmatic approach in helping companies to change their IT Service Management capabilities to adapt to new and emerging technologies, frameworks, sourcing models and ways of working. iCore consultants have extensive practical IT Service Management experience, working in technology departments for top 250 companies.

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