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It’s now evident that as digitalisation matures and takes hold, it must be seen as an enterprise and not a technical initiative, aimed at modernising how your company designs, builds, delivers, and supports its products and services. 

It is now no longer a nice to do, it is a must do for competitive edge. Many organisations have appointed Chief Digital Officers who have grown modern service delivery organisations, that think like a `start-up`, use agile ways of working and continually release new / changed components (a bit like Shadow IT).

However, this new capability still needs some governance and control (budgets haven’t suddenly doubled) so the need for some cross-functional, policy-led service integrator is essential. A new blueprint for SIAM is required that works with `minimum viable bureaucracy` and has Customer Experience (CX) at its heart.

As the CDO gets more and more providers involved, and wants to drive more rapid change then someone has to make sure that Operational Service is still forefront in design.

The iCore SIAM Blueprint and Flexible Operating Model can help you meet these challenges with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you will develop a capability that is fit for the present and the future.

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