Supporting DevOps

Supporting DevOps

Introducing DevOps to the IT Landscape 

Business competition is fierce, speed to market and the management of risk are demanding a different approach to the delivery of products and services to the consumer. Many IT organisations are introducing a ‘DevOps’ way of working and finding it more difficult than they expected.  The phrase ‘DevOps’ is interpreted in many ways but fundamentally it can be seen as a ‘community of practice’ brought together to significantly accelerate the delivery and support of functionality to the business. Many IT leaders are trying to understand the what, why and how of their approach to DevOps, how it fits with the existing fabric of IT, integrates with Agile working and how they scale and adapt to make it work in a sustainable way.

What are the challenges?

  • Cultural readiness to accept DevOps approach
  • Operating model has become dysfunctional
  • Business not ready to adapt to a new way of working
  • Failing to articulate a clear Vision, Strategy and Definition for the IT Operating Model
  • Lack of real pragmatic experience in Lean, Agile and DevOps methods
  • Lack the  ‘tools’ Strategy to support a DevOps and Agile Lifecycle approach
  • Business and IT Risk appetite not aligned with DevOps rationale
  • Governance model is “control and validate” and cannot move towards “trust and verify”
  • Service Management still in Silo’s (Service Integration, Testing, Change and Release  cannot cope with the DevOps realities)


How iCore can help?

We use our experience of working with a wide range of organisations across multiple sectors to support you through your journey to adopt DevOps We can help you:-

  • Build your DevOps Manifesto (Continuous, Automated, Integrated)
  • Define your Vision and Strategy (and share it as often as possible)
  • Assess your current Readiness (People, Process, Culture and Technology)
  • Outline your Journey, the Strategy and approach from IT Operating Model to implementation
  • Manage & support the Change Programme
  • Embed the change into the Operating Model


Our knowledge and experience enables us to understand your unique challenges and identify how iCore can help you quickly and practically to succeed.


  • A working Multi Modal IT Operating Model
  • An approach that can adapt to the flexible demands of the business
  • Increased frequency of change (Delivery on time and on Spec)
  • Fit for purpose Service Management and Governance
  • Faster mean time to service restoration
  • Demonstrable added-value to the business
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Clear service accountability

To find out more about how iCore can help improve the performance of your business call 0207 868 2405