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Cloud Service Delivery Case Study


In order to move to the Internet of Things (IoT) and benefit from the opportunities that it brings, the world’s most renowned manufacturer of power systems and aircraft engines has embarked on a major transition from using a traditional on premise hosting solution to a cloud computing solution. In addition to this backdrop, it was recognised that service management would need to be updated and re-focussed to meet the changing demands of business and technology.  The Client recognised that they would need help in the emergent world of cloud service management, and chose iCore as the Service Management partner with experience in this area.


iCore’s brief was to work with the Service Management team to build a new cloud support operating model, and prepare the ground for a  future DevOps organisation by creating new DevOps aligned processes for the cloud platform.

Moving from a traditional to a new way of working involves changing roles and responsibilities of individuals and teams. iCore helped the organisation by introducing cloud service management to the project’s change agents and worked with them to set out the vision of service management for the cloud.


iCore began by reviewing the existing services and ITIL processes through the development of value stream maps. This helped to set out the as-is IT landscape and stakeholder relationships. At the same time, the iCore consultant began to help the teams learn more about Lean IT and the service management concepts of cloud computing (termed Modern Service Management by the cloud provider), specifically the cloud warranty services such as monitoring and usage billing.

With the current IT landscape clarified and the ITSM team now learning new roles and responsibilities of cloud service management, the iCore consultant developed the cloud support model with involvement of ITSM, business and development teams.

To protect service integrity, the following processes were designed:

  • IT Security Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Incident Management
  • Event Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Service Asset and Configuration Management
  • IT Service Continuity Management


To serve business and IT Development customers the following processes were designed:

  • IT Financial Management
  • Business Relationship Management
  • Capacity and Availability Management
  • Demand Management
  • Release and Deployment Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Service Level Management


The process designs were split into 2 phases with all processes prioritised with serve and protect processes interleaved to balance the business drivers of service integrity and business growth. Phased design allowed the workload of the teams and consultants to be managed.


The client has embarked on the journey into the cloud with knowledge of their requirements and cloud capabilities. They have a roadmap and are beginning to use the cloud to develop business growth that would not have been possible in the traditional on premise world.

iCore’s expertise continues to enable our client to clarify and develop the cloud service management solution needed to protect and serve the business, and meet the changing needs of the future.