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Ingeus is a leading UK human-services provider, working with government, business, and local partners to enable better lives through employment, health, justice, youth services. They improve opportunities and help create strong societies in which people have the independence, knowledge, and know-how to thrive.

Ingeus’ employment division provides a wide range of services to help people of all circumstances find lasting employment, and to help businesses recruit and retain talent. They work across all industry sectors, establishing client partnerships that enable the provision of inclusive staff resourcing to meet business needs.

Following a period of review and operational challenges, Ingeus sought to transform their existing Operating Model and adopt the IT4IT framework and methodology. This would involve reviewing their existing ways of working, with a specific focus on:

  • Organisation structure and associated roles
  • Standardising IT Service Management processes
  • Supporting governance models
  • Management reporting
  • Optimisation of the ITSM toolset.

Engagement Approach

Ingeus were looking for a partner who had extensive knowledge of the IT4IT framework, who had also designed and implemented an IT4IT operating model previously and could provide ready-made, off the shelf collateral that could be refined to meet Ingeus’s requirements to help accelerate their transformation.

iCore was engaged to undertake a 3-month, Operating Model transformation activity, working with stakeholders at various levels to begin a journey toward a modernised IT/Digital capability, specifically focusing on:

  • Reviewing the current delivery model, approach, and associated materials
  • Comparing these against an IT4IT reference baseline
  • Defining a new IT4IT based Operating Model
  • Creating the required playbooks, processes, organisation construct, roles, and associated training material.

To expedite this engagement, iCore utilised its library of IT4IT collateral, including playbooks and process flows, to help accelerate understanding and implementation of the new model, enabling this to be achieved in the required timescales.

Our approach over the 3-month period was broken down into the following stages:

1) An initial discovery exercise to review the existing end to end delivery approach, including:
  • All available process materials
  • Organisational construct including existing practices (Audits, Service Transition, etc.)
  • All role definitions
  • Existing governance approach including meeting structures, management information and decision making outputs
  • Supporting toolset capabilities
2) Working closely with Ingeus to develop a Target Operating Model and Roadmap, including:
  • Defining and documenting a new IT4IT functional grouping organisational construct.
  • Defining and establishing the concept of end-to-end product and functional ownership, driving standardisation of approach and best practices across product teams in an optimised way
  • Creation of new role specifications to support the ownership and undertaking of the defined functions
  • Establishing a streamlined, value focussed, governance model that defined decision making responsibilities, and enabled corrective and improvement activity
  • Detailing the data flows between processes, enabling business orientated reporting and optimised product ownership and management
3) Creation of supporting materials for the new functions, roles, and governance model, including training of staff in key IT4IT concepts.

Throughout the engagement we worked closely with stakeholders across the IT/Digital space, as well as neighbouring functions in Information Security and HR to ensure that their programmes of work were aligned with this transformation


Over a 3-month period, iCore helped increase awareness and understanding of the IT4IT model, mapping out a new organisation model and ways of working. iCore also delivered a full set of playbooks, processes, and role specifications to enable Ingeus to continue its IT4IT journey, by embedding new approaches across the end-to-end delivery chain.

iCore delivered a full set of reference material that has enabled Ingeus to embed and align with the new model, helping drive Service events including Incidents, Problems, Transition, Customer Experience, Policies, Portfolio Management, and Governance.

Client Feedback

The Ingeus Digital team provide digital excellence to enable better lives on a daily basis. We engaged iCore to help us with our continuous improvement journey with the definition, implementation and imbedding our new digital Operating Model to improve accountability, standardisation of processes, and to help prepare for our business growth.

We found iCore to be knowledgeable and provided strong industry insights, whilst also having good industry experience. The iCore team were really collaborative with the Ingeus Digital team, both increasing our own internal knowledge of IT4IT, and helping us to establish a best in class organisation and operating model to improve how we work and deliver more value to our services.  


The results of this work have been well received, and Ingeus continues to develop upon this work to optimise its ways of working driving additional value to their clients.

This has all been achieved through iCore’s expertise and knowledge around IT4IT, our pragmatic approach working closely with the client and use of our comprehensive IT4IT library that ensured the right outcomes and deliver the value that was required.

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