Agile Service Management

Agile Service Managment

What is it?

Agile Service Management is ITSM processes implemented using Agile values. It enables services to be delivered to the customer when required, whilst still meeting quality and control measures that are in place. It is a state where developers and operational teams work closely together and constantly communicate on a daily basis to ensure processes can grow or reduce without losing their efficiency and standards. With an emphasis on CSI (Continual Service Improvement) processes are reviewed regularly for their effectiveness and striking the right balance between being insufficient and too rigorous.

Why is it important?

  • Allows services to become more dynamic in meeting changing customer requirements.
  • Allows technology to deliver change swiftly whilst still providing a stable service and meeting your targets.
  • Today’s IT world demands constant improvements, feature changes and delivery to tight deadlines on an ongoing basis, it is vitally important to have underpinning processes that can adapt to meet the peaks and troughs of demand.
  • Being able to offer this flexibility creates better relationships and increased benefits for both the supplier and customer and, in turn, increased business.

How Can iCore Help You?

  • iCore is framework agnostic, our consultants have experience of working in Agile and ITIL environments and it is the coming together of these two frameworks that make Agile Service Management work.
  • iCore can help with the cultural change and re-arrangement of teams to allow them to work together more closely and collaboratively.
  • We help you work through your processes and achieve that balance needed to meet the necessary requirements and present the benefits to the business.

To find out more about how iCore can help you on your Agile journey speak to an adviser on 0207 868 2405

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