Agile DevOps Maturity (ADM) Assessment

Agile DevOps Maturity Assessment

The iCore Agile DevOps Maturity Assessment (ADM) is a service value health check that reviews your current IT working practices and produces an improvement roadmap to help further deploy and embed Lean-Agile ways of working.

Critically, the scope of the ADM is broader than just Agile Development and DevOps. The ADM looks across the whole IT organisation to understand the depth and breadth of Lean-Agile implementation and maturity.

The ADM reviews eight 'Competence Domains' against the CMMI maturity scale:

The ADM looks at almost 380 individual aspects of Lean-Agile and DevOps ways of working, techniques and supporting processes. These aspects have been sourced from notable, mainstream principles, techniques and frameworks, all of which are at the heart of Lean movement.

iCore has a long and impressive history of pragmatically working with clients to bring about solid and lasting change. The ADM is the latest in a series of services we offer to support clients who need to drive transformation.


The ADM produces many valuable outputs, but primarily it delivers:

• Independent, objective and insightful analysis of business culture and current working practices
• A definition for future state/what good looks like, to answer the Lean-Agile challenge
• Highlighted strengths and development needs – we will let you know what you’re doing well and why
• Evaluate DevOps stage progress towards a desired end state
• Gain a clear action plan of improvement activity to deliver responsive IT services
• Accelerate IT responsiveness to changing business needs
• Receive the business benefits of change much more quickly, which in turn improves IT efficiency
• A bespoke roadmap to lead and prioritise change, and manage risks


The iCore Agile DevOps Maturity assessment is available as a fixed price offering based upon an initial meeting to understand scope and logistics for the assessment.


iCore provides pragmatic approaches to advise and support IT Service Delivery organisations to adapt to new and emerging technologies, methods and working practices. All iCore consultants have many years of practical Service Management experience, working in many FTSE 250 companies over the years.


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